Distrohopper Anonymous (pt2)

Time for some fresh distrohopping sessions in search for a new “Global” Operating System. Some of the setups (not limited to though) I plan on checking out.

Distribution Family Ubuntu Debian Arch OpenSUSE
Laptop Elementary OS Debian Testing GNOME/KDE Antergos GNOME OpenSUSE Leap KDE
Desktop Ubuntu Debian Testing GNOME Antergos GNOME OpenSUSE Leap GNOME
Server Lubuntu Debian Stable Openbox Antergos Openbox OpenSUSE Leap XFCE
Raspberry Pi * Raspbian Arch ARM *

The reasons I’m considering leaving Antergos Cinnamon is a) because I don’t want daily updates – with all their pros and cons – even though I will check out the GNOME 3.18 version on Antergos, b) I want to have a desktop with a unified look and feel, and regretfully as much as I have customised Cinnamon, some of the core GTK+ applications seem out of place compared to other apps (GNOME headerbars I’m looking at you) and c) it is just me…

Synapse Tweaking (November ’15 edition)

It is this time of the month to show my monthly tweaking. This time I didn’t do any radical changes, still Antergos Cinnamon, based on the Arc theme and the Papirus icon-pack. Other than the icons, I also added conky with the conky-lua-Arch theme, modified to integrate with my desktop’s colors.

Cinnamon Desktop :

Desktop View

Desktop View

Menu View (tweaked a bit with alternative system buttons) :

Main Menu

Main Menu

Antergos is working perfectly, updated daily. The only thing worth mention, is that the system partition (/) has slightly increased, from 4,7Gb to 5Gb. All in all, another smooth month.

P.S : I’m intrigued to check out OpenSuse‘s Leap edition.

Amendment 10/60

A sci-fi/post apocalyptic short film produced here in Greece where in an alternate history, scientists are blamed for nuclear annihilation, and intellectuals are hunted down and killed.
It greatly integrates with the feeling of the ’50s with some Fallout-kind of technology.

Bits and Pieces of Fosscomm 2015

Yesterday I attended the second day of Fosscomm 2015 on the Technological Institution of Athens. First of all I would like to point out that the convention was excellently organised, my previous experiences on various technological – and non – conventional was traumatic. The campus of the Institution is beautiful and the convention’s workshops and classes was scattered mostly on the faculty of Technological Applications building.

I watched the PirateBox intro course, by hackerspace.gr. A very interesting course for off-grid file sharing, chatting, media streaming.

The Open Business course, which evolved to an interactive lab to create a viable business model based on open source thinking and technologies.

Unfortunately I didn’t have a lot of time, so the last course I watched was a Quadcopter design and introductory course.

The beauty of Open Source are it’s people, I had time to talk to some very interesting persons about OpenSuse, Fedora and Debian – I also met the Mate maintainer of Debian! – plus I got familiar with GreekLUG and Ellak.

Booths of the Bitcoin, OpenSuse, Fedora communities

Booths of the Bitcoin, OpenSuse, Fedora communities

All in all it was a great experience, next year though I hope we will be more organised and attend both days and more courses!

P.S : The best thing about conventions are the goodies!! Stickers, DVDs, bags and a cup was my loot from Fosscomm 2015!

Fosscomm Goodies!

Fosscomm Goodies!