About Antergos

Follow up to my previous post… what is this “Antergos” I keep talking about?

Antergos (previously known as Cinnarch) is a Linux distribution based upon Arch Linux.This means it uses Arch Linux as a base for it, adding components and tweaking it, to give the distribution a unique feeling based on the developer’s point of view.

What distinguishes Antergos from other distributions, is that it practically uses unmodified Arch (thus upstream) packages – thus making the finished installation mostly stock Arch Linux – but with adding a custom system installer (CnChi), cosmetic tweaks (theme, icons) and an added repository for some popular software that has not yet migrated to the Arch Community Repository.

CnChi is the most developed software of the distribution, obviously and I have to add that it’s the best installer I have used, ever. It is comprehensive, with plenty of features (especially when you decide which software you want preinstalled) and with the easiest partitioner I have used.

A visual guide of the installer (0.12.43) – not the latest, which is 0.14:

Personally I find the software selection one of the best on Linux distributions, minimal and to the point – meaning useful. That is why a keep the changes to the minimum, on every on of my installations.

Finally, the installation needs an active Internet connection, because it downloads the latest packages while installing, giving you the latest and best of Open Source software right from the start.