Long Time No See

Working on the 15th of August in Athens… SUCKS

After stating the obvious… Two months since my last post, no PC or laptop to call my own for now. The old Macbook is not a viable option for my needs (pitiful). I have some plans for my Aleph network though. Also for the layout of the blog.

Hopefully I’ll start posting regularly from now on.

To all, have a great rest of summer!

April’s personal update

  • We had our FIRST birthday!!! On the 6th of April my beautiful daughter turned 1! The best feeling anyone can feel…
  • GNOME 3.20 was just released downstream to my Antergos boxes. Minor visual changes, major speed upgrades… A bit annoyance on Void due to the Paper theme, but the new Adwaita (default) dark theme is excellent.
  • I read Cory Doctorow’s Little Brother novel, a postcyberpunk book on government surveillance, repurposing technology, online & offline privacy. An excellent and thrilling read, I finished it in a day… plus there is an sequel, Homeland. And they are free, in fact all of Doctorow’s books are available online for free.


A trip down Memory Lane

Last weekend I helped my parents move some stuff from our old house. I always thought I had taken most (if not all) of my stuff when I moved out 2 years ago… I was wrong. I left with 4 boxes of my old tabletop games, books, comics and old pc parts – plus an Xbox.

Boxes of Memories

I also took a statue of Batman from the Arkham City game (thank you brother!).


Some may say that it’s not mature to have figurines laying around, or reading comic books (graphic novels!!!).

You know what, I don’t care… I love my stuff, even though I won’t be rereading the Dark Elf Trilogy books it was amazing that I found all these hidden (considered lost – forgotten) treasures.

Athens Digital Revolution

Parts of the Athens Digital Revolution expo at the Onassis Cultural Centre, which ended on January 7th 2016.

Plus some videos of some of the interactive parts of the Expo:




There is a ton of other material, including videos of interactive art, vintage computers, 3d printed artifacts and more. Maybe on another post…

2016 here I come…

Vacation is over! I wish to everyone a geeky happy new year!!!

So I will be back to my usual geeky ranting and open source ventures!

First task : Finish (finally) my #projectAleph with Linux. Synapse (laptop) and my media Center are – almost – ready.

Of course I will try to document everything.

Cheers to an exciting 2016…!

Bits and Pieces of Fosscomm 2015

Yesterday I attended the second day of Fosscomm 2015 on the Technological Institution of Athens. First of all I would like to point out that the convention was excellently organised, my previous experiences on various technological – and non – conventional was traumatic. The campus of the Institution is beautiful and the convention’s workshops and classes was scattered mostly on the faculty of Technological Applications building.

I watched the PirateBox intro course, by hackerspace.gr. A very interesting course for off-grid file sharing, chatting, media streaming.

The Open Business course, which evolved to an interactive lab to create a viable business model based on open source thinking and technologies.

Unfortunately I didn’t have a lot of time, so the last course I watched was a Quadcopter design and introductory course.

The beauty of Open Source are it’s people, I had time to talk to some very interesting persons about OpenSuse, Fedora and Debian – I also met the Mate maintainer of Debian! – plus I got familiar with GreekLUG and Ellak.

Booths of the Bitcoin, OpenSuse, Fedora communities

Booths of the Bitcoin, OpenSuse, Fedora communities

All in all it was a great experience, next year though I hope we will be more organised and attend both days and more courses!

P.S : The best thing about conventions are the goodies!! Stickers, DVDs, bags and a cup was my loot from Fosscomm 2015!

Fosscomm Goodies!

Fosscomm Goodies!