Distrohopper Anonymous

Cinnamon is - for me - the best available Linux desktop both on terms of productivity and tweaking. It is also pretty lightweight, 400mb or RAM idling and the boot time is under 15".

I said… and then came GNOME 3.18 and KDE Plasma 5! Now I’m torn between sticking to Antergos Cinnamon or switching to GNOME Shell or KDE Plasma… even moving to another distribution which better integrates with these two DEs (like KAOS, Kubuntu or Manjaro for KDE and Antergos, Fedora or Ubuntu GNOME edition for GNOME Shell).

The reason behind my thoughts is that GNOME and KDE are the primary environments for GTK+ and QT, which makes them the most developed DEs, with vibrant communities to interact and full of new tools and new applications – which look “in place” when used with their respective DE (example: gnome-disks in GNOME).