Enter the Void

I finally finished it! The Media Center / Gaming PC hooked to our 47″ TV – named Void – is now up and running.

The Hardware : An Intel I3 4170 CPU, with the On-Board GPU ( Intel HD4400 ), 6Gb of RAM and 2 Western Digital HDDs, 1tb and 2 tb each one. I removed my NAS and used it’s 2tb drive due to streaming issues on my network ( HD bottlenecks on a 10/100 LAN ).

The Software : Antergos Linux with GNOME desktop, it was decided on a previous post way back…

Installation was once more a breeze. GNOME Shell is suited for big screens, haven’t gotten to tweaking it though – I’m pretty happy with the current look, powered by Numix. My partitioning scheme is as follows :

Boot 512Mb
System ( / ) 250Gb
Home ( /home ) 745Gb
Videos ( ~/videos ) 2Tb
Swap 3Gb

At the installation procedure, I added support for the AUR, Bluetooth, SMB (though it is not needed now) and I preinstalled Firefox – over Chromium – and the Gaming Features of Antergos, Steam and PlayOnLinux platforms.

I removed GNOME Notes (bijiben), pidgin, cmake, GNOME-Music, Orca reader and Pamac and only installed Kodi Media Center, plus 2 new GNOME extensions, TopIcons and Arch Updates Indicator for a better, consistent experience.

With 2 days usage, which is far from being conclucive the system behaves excellent, way faster than Windows 10 and with less quirks (I am looking at you Screen resolution and Ethernet Connection), plus GNOME feels more suitable than Windows for a Media Center use.

The first part of #projectAleph is finished.