Foot Clan

Now that Void is up and running (no hiccups till now – upgrades, Kodi and Steam are working great), I found out that GNOME is a great Desktop Environment, which I had ignored due to frustrations stated before. So I installed GNOME, of course under Antergos, on Synapse and tweaked it to my liking. This far GNOME has moments of greatness – Social Integration, System Design and more – but without tweaking some of its’ elements feel “weird”, like the drawer on the bottom left (still, what the hell is up with this thing??) or trying to hide some of the installed applications required some terminal love, specifically :

Edit Overview icons:
 cd /usr/share/applications/

A small rundown on the core changes of my installation.

Removed applications: pidgin / bijiben / cmake / gnome-font-viewer / orca /seahorse /tracker-needle / pamac
GNOME extensions: TopIcons / Activities Configurator / Arch Linux Updates Indicator / Drop Down Terminal

I expected GNOME to be more “heavyweight” both on terms of startup times and system resources, but I was proven wrong. My startup time is : Startup finished in 1.806s (firmware) + 1.718s (loader) + 4.326s (kernel) + 1.394s (userspace) = 9.246s and when idling GNOME needs around ~500mb of RAM.

The second part of #projectAleph is finished.