Living with Antergos

It has been almost 3 weeks now using Antergos Cinnamon and I have to admit, so far it has been smooth sailing. All updates have installed without a glitch, the desktop and applications have performed optimal.

The only thing worth mentioning is the application changes I have made. Since installation, I have added/removed some software – not many changes though – and have tweaked Cinnamon to be more to my liking.

Applications Removed :


Applications Installed :

TLP (laptop power management tool)

Cinnamon is – for me – the best available Linux desktop both on terms of productivity and tweaking. It is also pretty lightweight, 400mb or RAM idling and the boot time is under 15″.

As for tweaking, I have changed my theme to Loki Transparent Dark and my GTK theme to Numix Dark Red. I have been using the default Numix Square icons provided with Antergos. The Plank dock is placed on the left side of the desktop with the Numix theme installed. I have also removed the windows list applet from the panel – which now resides on the top of the desktop – and have placed the clock in the middle, pretty much like GNOME’s default setup. Finally the Application’s Menu icon has been replaced with Arch’s logo in Red.

The only missing component for my desktop is Conky… when I come around to installing and configuring it!

So my desktop actually looks like this :