System consistency

I have been using Cinnamon as my primary Desktop Environment for some time now, and believe it to be the one that fits my needs the most. The only thing that puts me off sometimes, is that being GTK based, it has a lot of its’ core applications based off GNOME, which now uses client side decorations, like the following :

gedit's client side decoration

gedit’s client side decoration

But what I want is a uniform style for all the apps, which uses classic titlebar like GNOME terminal’s :

GNOME Terminal uses the classic title bar

GNOME Terminal uses the classic title bar

When I installed my new system, after tweaking some of it’s features (swappiness, vfs_cache_pressure and more) I removed some of the non essential applications (bijiben aka GNOME Notes, gnome-photos and gnome-music – plus pidgin and cmake). Now on my system are the following applications that need De-GNOMifying with their respective alternatives (?) :

CSD Apps Alternatives
gnome-disks (Disks) gParted
evince (Document Viewer) ePDFview
gedit (gedit) Leafpad
gnome-screenshot (Screenshot) ?
gnome-calculator (Calculator) ?
totem (Videos) VLC
eog (Image Viewer) Viewnior

My only “concern” is that VLC installed qt4 as a dependency. I removed baobab because everything it shows, I can also see it from the command line. Now the only two applications sporting CSD are gnome-screenshot and gnome-calculator. My / partition uses 5Gb of space for the whole OS and applications and startup finished in 2.195s (firmware) + 1.403s (loader) + 4.250s (kernel) + 1.191s (userspace) = 9.041s