Some fine reads

If you are into Science Fiction, Hacking, Security and Anonymity culture (like me) and want to read some fine books, you should definitely read three of Cory Doctorow’s books, Little Brother it’s sequel Homeland and Pirate Cinema.

The first two talk about a youth’s revolt against the totalitarian / mass surveillance grip of NSA, after a terrorist’s attack on San Fransisco (Little Brother) and the aftermath of the first’s book ending (Homeland), which pits him against a privatized army with branches on several aspects of America’s infrastructure. What I liked on these books was the portrayal of the youth characters on totally believable society, using technology we currently own.

Pirate Cinema on the other hand talks about a very-near future of England (post Brexit maybe), with it’s economy a bit like Greece’s nowadays, where a student loses his access to the internet due to his downloading of movies and has to squat in London, which leads to him having a larger impact that he thought, on England’s legislation for pirated media material.

Obviously the plot is way more interesting than my two-liners, on all three books. The best part of all though is that the links about target the actual books in .pdf form, and are published under the  Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike license, so you are welcome to download and read, redistribute, share them as you like.