A G+ poll

3 days ago, I posted the following on the Linux Community page of G+ :

I'm building a Gaming/Media PC for my living room, on a 47" TV and I'm torn between using Unity or GNOME Shell for Steam and Wine Gaming, Kodi for Multimedia use. Which DE do you believe is more suitable for use on such a big screen, even though they are pretty close on how they look and feel.
If there are any other suggestions, please comment below.

Voting was overwhelming, with 597 voters, who went in favour for GNOME with a landslide win 70% over 30% for Unity. There were also some very interesting opinions, as the one from Marc Thomas :

I've spent quite a bit of time this past year building exactly what you are talking about, and I tried both Unity and Gnome. Gnome definitely lended itself better for several reasons. The most notable was that Unity would experience weird UI glitches after running continuously with apps in full screen mode for several days, requiring me to restart the machine.

Also, Ubuntu had a lot of random issues with making things like Steam, Kodi, Netflix, Amazon video, etc work properly. I decided to go with Antergos, (Arch based) because their AUR solved virtually all of these problems with minimal effort. Also, nearly all my other machines run either Arch or Antergos, so I was already familiar with how amazing the AUR was.

I am also primarily using a Kodi and Steam (Big Picture Mode) setup, and it is working wonderfully! Plex also works reasonably well, and I use it mostly to connect to other people's libraries, (and share mine with them).

Here's a link to some guides I've been slowly putting together. It's far from complete but it has some really helpful information especially for getting started, and most of the various tools and technologies I am using are listed there, even though their guides are not yet written.


Let me know if you have any questions or run into any issues. I've probably encounted most of the issues that you will likely face, so I probably already have the answer written down in my notes.

Another great idea, from user Egee was to try SteamOS. There was also some preference towards Mate and XFCE (which are not candidates for me).

So, GNOME is the undeniable winner, and will be my Desktop Environment of choice when I will be able to set up my Living Room PC.

What remains is to decide on the underlying OS – Ubuntu, Antergos or SteamOS (which uses GNOME as the alternate to Steam Big Picture).