#projectAleph is the name I have given on my venture trying to set up a usable and functional home network, plus it is a Twitter hashtag for my 140 characters ranting on the matter. This post counts as the beginning of my documentation for my trials and errors on software and hardware configurations.

Current hardware :

  • My laptop : A Lenovo U510 upgraded with 8Gb of RAM and an 128Gb SSD. It has an I5 CPU processor with an integrated Intel HD 4000 GPU, great for Linux implementation. It’s my only production / multimedia / gaming (if any) machine and currently has no Operating System.

  • Eutuxia’s MacBook : A 13 inch 2007  Mac with 1,5Gb of RAM and a Core Duo (i think) processor. Currently has Elementary OS Luna installed as Operating System, which gives it the ability to run the current Firefox and play all kinds of multimedia files thanks to VLC.

  • A 47 inch LG Smart TV with Android OS (the butchered version of TV manufacturers).

  • Two Raspberry Pis, one of which is used (with poor results) as Media Player running OpenELEC, the Kodi based Operating System. The other is stuffed in a drawer right now.

  • A 2Tb NAS Server by D-Link with custom Debian Based Operating System for Remote Torrents (Transmission application).

  • Various other hardware parts, which I believe can be summed up to create an Intel Atom headless PC, probably a server or some other use.

On the software side of things, I’m an Open Source enthusiast, I want to exclusively use Open Source software, which some times proves rather difficult completing certain tasks. It is only natural that I’m looking onto Linux distributions for most of my hardware. The only machine which baffles me on what kind of Operating System to use, is one I don’t currently own, a Media Player/Gaming PC hooked on my TV. Sadly Windows is the easiest and safest way to go, mainly because of the gaming part, even though Linux + Steam + Wine can be tempting and will be an option for installation.

The most difficult part now, is choosing a distribution. I have used Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Debian (the Testing branch), Antergos (Arch) Linux and all of them have pros and cons. I’m not such an experienced Linux user for all my distrohopping and have yet to decide what I want to really do with my PC(s). But that is material for another post.