The story so far…

I am a distrohopper, period. The thrill of choosing a Linux distribution, installing then tweaking it withers after a few hours of usage. I have tried Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Linux Mint Debian, Antergos Cinnamon, Antergos GNOME, Elementary OS, Tanglu GNOME, Sparky Linux XFCE plus a couple more..and with all of them I can’t seem to be able to find my perfect setup. It becomes pretty obvious from older posts I have since deleted.

In every single one of them I find flaw(s). What I really want is a rolling release, if possible stable, with current software available, distribution which will not be bloated and the development team will most likely not abandon it in the future.

While writing this post a thought starts taking shape. There is one distribution sporting these qualities, my elimination process made that clear to me, but I wanted to take the easy way out though the best solution was there.

Don’t get me wrong, I am currently running LMDE 2 and it is a great great distro, fast and elegant but there are some annoying bumps, like the lack of some applications from the repositories (plank and tlp are some of the examples). It may seem trivial, for me though is something that keeps on bugging me.
It is obvious now that I cannot keep wasting time on distrohopping but start using a Linux distribution.

Interesting times ahead…

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