When two worlds collide

Yesterday saw the announcement, at Microsoft’s Build 2016 convention, that users will be able to run Ubuntu Bash Shell commands directly through Windows 10 – that means no need for Cygwin or other 3rd party layer technologies. This was made due to the collaboration between Canonical and Microsoft…

Does this consist as a betrayal from Canonical to the Open Source community?

Even though Canonical began with Ubuntu (an easy to install, easy to use, distribution), it has now evolved to a company that gains the most from software for servers, the cloud implementation, and is now entering the handheld market (Ubuntu‘s convergence is a great idea and from what i have seen it is solid). And Ubuntu is moving away (slowly but steadily) away from it sources – snappy will replace .deb packages plus the whole situation with the intellectual property claims.

Concluding, this partnership with the biggest OS will bring Ubuntu (a part of it) to many millions users, mostly system administrators and developers. With profit in mind, Canonical don’t forget is a company, it’s a good move.

From Microsoft’s perspective, the company has lost the wagon on Cloud and Big Data implementation, plus developers and coders mostly user OS X and Linux. Meaning that Windows are used, either by people who only use their PC for Facebook, or by PC gamers (and they now have other options). This partnership gives them access to a user base of people actively working on technology.

So.. another good move.

Personally, I don’t believe that Canonical is respecting the Open Source ethics nowadays. With that in mind the Open Source community will not be affected, on the contrary, maybe some Windows users will be converted to Linux –  probably Ubuntu at first, but when you go down the rabbit hole..there is a great new world waiting.